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PowerCore PCI mkII

PowerCore PCI mkII

The potent card for built-in PowerCore plug-in acceleration

The PowerCore PCI mkII fits into a PCI or PCI-X slot and comes with the same amount of plug-ins as PowerCore FireWire and is a potent combination of 14 state-of-the-art processing plug-ins and 4 x 150 mHz DSPs.The plug-in bundle that comes with the PCI mkII card, consists of the 14 plug-ins known from PowerCore FireWire, leaving you with a bunch of versatile and professional tools, and it sports the same performance as the rack-based PowerCore FireWire. Pick'n' choose your favorite plug-ins.

Designed by professionals, for professionals

PowerCore PCI mkII is designed for professional audio tasks, and with the included and optional plug-ins, they can be optimized for a variety of applications such as mastering, vocal processing and sound design. The PowerCore PCI mkII card is the obvious choice for any professional sound engineer or producer with a VST, AU or RTAS compatible audio system.

When you just want the sound of quality

For songwriters, composers and everybody else that care about sound quality and serious plug-ins, the PowerCore platform is the perfect match. The PowerCore PCI mkII card delivers the sound of quality right into your studio. It complements the very highest of standards and excels via the unique and renowned tools that it has to offer. If you're looking for the ultimate tool that will enhance your creativity and give your productions superior audio quality, you should look no further.

It just can't get flexible enough

Integrating perfectly with most VST, AU and RTAS applications, we've secured your freedom to choose your favourite application for music or film editing. On top of that we're constantly supplying new and professional plug-ins, most notably 1:1 ports of original and undiluted algorithms from the System 6000. 3rd party developers are adding to the stack, which gives you the choice of the best tools and instruments around.

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